If these horrific death devices are as catastrophic for you as they are for me, PLEASE at a bare minimum arm yourself with your copy of THE LEAFBLOWER SURVIVAL GUIDE for just $19.95--which I assure you will be among the best money you've ever spent. THIS HANDBOOK COMPRISES 30 HARD-FOUGHT, PRACTICAL STEPS TO ADDRESS YOUR LEAFBLOWER PROBLEM. IT INCLUDES FOUR STEPS THAT YOU CAN, AND SHOULD TAKE RIGHT AWAY, TO INITIATE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. The Handbook also includes my eye-opening essay "Leafblower as Assault Weapon." I will email you THE LEAFBLOWER SURVIVAL GUIDE almost immediately after payment, PayPal button at end of page, below.

In preparation for the sonic onslaught, additionally available is an anti-leafblower consultation for just $49. This includes your personal copy of my unique, powerful, and life-saving Guide THE LEAFBLOWER SURVIVAL GUIDE (front cover reproduced, below).

Further detail below in "Noise Consultant Available" section.

The landscaping companies are oiling and gassing up their leafblowers right now, as well as purchasing large inventories of brand new machines, in preparation for the Fall and Winter seasons. In other words, they are preparing their attack.

Are you preparing any sort of realistic defense?

Your answer to this question will determine your level of explicit pain over the next five or so months, considering that these Devices of Death (D.O.D.) are now often used to clear snow throughout the Winter, as well as leaves and yard debris during the Fall. There's just no end to their R.O.T. (Reign of Terror); in fact, their makers and users continue to find new reasons for their employ. My local lawnmower man uses his blower during the Spring and Summer, as well.

Come to think of it, at this precise moment, 5:39 pm, Sunday, September 06, 2015, I've realized that the leafblower has become a year-round device.


And you don't even know it. In a culture of death such as the United States, and others, everyone is affected; it's simply a matter of how, and when. My oblivious neighbors, permitting leafblower use on their property are actually, though unwittingly, permitting the opening-wide of the blackened gates of death to they, their families, and their neighbors.

The presence of BlowerBoy, a paunched, balding, commercial blower operator with criminal tendencies, in my neighborhood is enabled by several families who continue to hire him for his tinpot lawncutting and leafblowing services, these "services" unacceptably injurious to adults, kids, and environment, serious injury evidently unknown by the local residents, who appear to subscribe to the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil philosophy. If they only knew of the microscopic debris and detritus, including all manner of highly injurious "ultra-fine particulates" (UFPs) that their kids were breathing in every time this purile purveyor of putrid pernicia (plural, pernicious) and death came around, "leafblowing" (read: mass destruction of nature at high volume) for literally four-and-five hours at a time (he's padding his bill, BTW), they'd be horrified:  asbestos, feces, rubber, bacteria, viruses, pollen, sand, glass, roadkill, insect parts, and much other pernicia among the mix.

Yes, this is what they and their children (and you and your children) are likely breathing in each time a leafblower is used on their property, or a nearby property. If you're pregnant it's especially dangerous, as well. To keep your family safe, then, it's not enough to discontinue blower use yourself, you must educate your neighbors so they cease such operations, also. Tell your landscapers they must convert to a rake and broom, or they're fired. Better yet, your family can do its own raking and sweeping; it's a great outdoor family activity.


The photographs that follow are highly magnified images of particles and elements too tiny to be seen with the naked eye, so a scanning-electron microscope must be, and is, used. Many of these particulates, introduced into your air in extremely large amounts by leafblower use, are of particulate class ultra-fine, the most dangerous kind of particulate, as their especially tiny size permits them to be breathed deeply and irrevocably into the lungs, where they begin to wreak havoc.

If you or your neighbors permit leafblower use on, or around, your properties, you and your children are breathing these particulates, including the "ultra-fine" variety, deeply into your lungs, contributing to heart disease, as reported by the EPA. Eventually, disability and likely death will result.

Closing all your windows and doors may help marginally--but who wants to become a prisoner in their own home with every window and door always closed?

The commonsense, and easiest solution--just get rid of the leafblowers. The rake and broom have worked beautifully for thousands of years--and still do, especially for the very tiny lawns found on almost every property in my neighborhood.

Either that, or continue breathing in, and permitting your children to breathe in, dangerous microscopic particulates like these:

asbestos from leafblower

This is an asbestos fiber magnified with a scanning electron microscope. Fibers like this are just one of many pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children probably breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your, or a neighbor's, home.

These devices represent huge overkill for many reasons, including that they kick up clouds of every manner of injurious filth from the ground, such as asbestos fibers, above, and introduce them into the air, where they disperse widely, the hazardous particulates often remaining suspended in air for hours. Your unsuspecting children, or yourselves, or your neighbors children, or elderly parents, then readily breathe them in, and are greatly injured, especially from the ultra-fine particulates (UFPs), which can affect the heart and cardio-vascular system.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Just ask the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which states:

common industrial dust from leafblower

Common industrial dust magnified with scanning electron microscope. More of the toxic witch's brew of pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

steel particulate from leafblower

Steel particles magnified with scanning electron microscope. Another of many pernicious and highly injurious particles that you and your children likely breathe in when a so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home.

insect parts from leafblower

Insect parts magnified with scanning electron microscope. Yet another of the pernicious, highly injurious, and in this case rather disgusting particles that you and your children likely breathe in when the grossly-misnamed "leaf" blower is used around your home. Image pending.

plant matter particulates from leafblower

Plant matter including pollens, magnified with a scanning electron microscope. More potentially dangerous particulates that you and your children probably breathe in when even a single so-called "leaf" blower is used around your home. Image pending.

This Means War

In many instances this fight is akin to a war. There is an army on the other side, comprised of the following groups of soldiers:

  1. Leafblower manufacturers.

  2. Leafblower dealers.

  3. Leafblower owners, in the form of landscaping companies.

  4. Leafblower owners, in the form of your neighbors using their own leafblowers on their property.

  5. Leafblower workers, paid to use the devices, working for landscaping companies.

  6. Leafblower beneficiaries, which are other categories of persons who see themselves as benefitting from leafblower use, often including businesses of many kinds such as apartment-building and banks who desire artificially spotless property, at any cost.

  7. City, state, and/or federal governments who benefit by sales taxes and other revenues paid through purchase of leafblowers and related equipment, as well as the provision of leafblowing and other landscaping services.

The resources--time, energy, and money--of all these actors combine into one massive, highly effective Leafblower Army, creating the "socio-sonic" environment of today that is causing you and me such pain. An environment whereby leafblowers are in full force everywhere, almost all the time, while you and me hide in our homes with a knot of stress in the pit of our stomachs, as we await the next onslaught--which in the Fall, when the flow of leaves is incessant, is frequent.

So the Leafblower Army has its commanders, soldiers, materiel, supply lines, and strategy, and we have--almost nothing. Thus, they own the battlefield.

Where is our opposing army? How many of us are even trying to assemble such a force?

Think of The Anti-Leafblower Handbook as our first battle manual. And it is our first--as of November 2015 there is literally no other such book on the market. Try to find one.

Please get your copy immediately. Every moment of delay means yet another moment of body-slamming stress, possibly producing everything from more gray hair, to cancer, to any other sort of bodily damage or deterioration. As researcher and Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences Robert Sapolsky has determined, a conclusion confirmed by every line of related research--too much stress, too much of the time, will literally kill you.

["socio-sonic" and "socio-sonic environment" (c) 2015 Vincent Frank De Benedetto]

Test Your Knowledge

How many of the following 25 questions about leafblowers can you answer?

  1. What have the doctors of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City stated about the effects of leafblowers on children?

  2. What are the three principal harms caused by leafblowers?

  3. What fatal malady suffered by newborns is theorized to be caused by exposure to leafblowers?

  4. What are the two reasons that it's so difficult to eliminate leafblowers?

  5. True or false: leafblower operators must successfully complete a state-sponsored thirty-day class to legally use this device.

  6. Is there one powerful, singular person or organization working nationally to ban leafblowers?

  7. Which two groups are most adversely affected by leafblowers?

  8. What is meant by "leafblower culture"?

  9. True or false: the American Lung Association accepts leafblower use in certain situations.

  10. Why do human beings find leafblower noise so objectionable, and usually intolerable?

  11. What is Leafblower Insanity Disease (L.I.D.)? Could you be suffering from it?

  12. What are the four reasons that leafblower operators sometimes blow nothing more than dust around the street?

  13. What safety guideline recommended by leafblower manufacturers to protect YOU do leafblower operators never follow?

  14. What internationally-known actress is tormented by leafblowers and has tried in vain to stop them?

  15. True or false: exposure to leafblower noise is so maddening that it is actually responsible for murder.

  16. Why should you be especially concerned about leafblower use in your environment if your home has solar panels?

  17. Multiple choice: which of the following three items was not involved in a leafblower-noise conflict? 1.) Knife. 2.) Gun. 3.) Tennis racket.

  18. True or false: advocates of leafblower use have organized public demonstrations complete with picket signs, to ensure that they can continue using these devices without obstruction.

  19. What is the most serious and powerful step you may be forced to take to solve your leafblower problem?

  20. What are the four ways in which the leafblower is alarmingly similar to a weapon?

  21. How can you have your home or street declared an official Blower Free Zone (B.F.Z.)?

  22. Besides the three well-known harms from leafblowers, what is the fourth harm, which is actually the one most likely to kill you?

  23. True or false: leafblower use is a special concern for pregnant women.

  24. What exhaust element do leafblowers emit that research indicates can cause the premature death of your elderly parents or grandparents?

  25. What are the first two powerful steps you can take for immediate relief from leafblower noise?

If there are leafblowers in use in your neighborhood, but you're having trouble answering these questions, especially those dealing with the basics of leafblowers, PLEASE secure your copy of THE LEAFBLOWER SURVIVAL GUIDE immediately. There are four serious, indeed deadly, harms from leafblowers that you simply must be made aware of, and begin to address, in addition to the huge body of other critical information required to negotiate your way through or around this difficult problem.

Whether you realize it or not, you and your family are already being harmed by leafblower use.

Please:  don't endanger your children, parents, pets--or yourself--for one more minute! For less than $20, get your copy of The Anti-Leafblower Handbook immediately (the answers to all questions above are found on the last page).

Generous Licensing

In purchasing this digital product, you are granted rights for up to three digital and physical copies, total. This is actually a reasonably generous policy. For example, your license would grant you one digital copy on your laptop computer, one digital copy on your desktop computer, and one hard-copy printed version for your family.

At that point, however, you will have reached your licensure limit of three copies, so further payment would be required, for which you would receive your license for another three copies, which again, can be in any combination of digital and physical form. You could, by way of further example, keep one copy on your computer and print out two separate physical copies.

I think this is a fair policy given that payment for only one copy was actually provided. As you can probably infer by examining this website, as well as The Anti-Leafblower Handbook, itself, I've put a ton of difficult work into all this. I greatly appreciate your support.

Please also note that once this presently self-published book finds a conventional publisher, I cannot guarantee that there will not be a price increase. Get your copy now, at the present low and very fair price of $19.95. Again, the present purchase price includes not one but three total copies, as well as free revisions for the entire time the book remains in its 1st Edition.

Full Refund Available

If you're not satisfied with The Anti-Leafblower Handbook, I will provide a No-Questions-Asked full refund within thirty days.

Why do I offer such a liberal return policy? Because this is a substantive work--I know that most honest people are not going to return it.

Moreover, The Handbook is unique because it comprises a powerful mix of my extensive experience suffering, and attempting to negotiate noise issues, especially leafblower issues, through the lens of both my intellect and my adherence to the love ethic, which is important as regards contentious and difficult-to-resolve problems, since most people are reluctant to relinquish positions that they feel, rightly or wrongly, reflect or embody their interests.

The Handbook is also unique because...it's unique, literally. Search the 'Net for any sort of leafblower-advocacy book; as of November 14, 2015 there are none. If you're suffering the real pain of leafblowers, I'm your guy, and The Anti-Leafblower Handbook is your book. Click below to get your copy immediately, to move that much closer to a sharp reduction, or even elimination, of your suffering.

For Leafblower Owner-Operators

The Anti-Leafblower Handbook is relevant and necessary for you, too. The purpose of the book is not to foment unnecessary conflict, but to provide sufferers of leafblower noise and other ill effects with advice for relieving their suffering, in whatever ways required. However, if blower owner/operators were willing to cooperate, perhaps we could remedy this conflict in a manner that preserves everyone's interests. The mechanisms of the Blower Free Zone (B.F.Z) and Multiple Mixed Use (M.M.U.), for example, outlined in The Handbook, could serve to mediate the competing interests of both parties.

So, examination of The Anti-Leafblower Handbook will also be useful for you in assisting you in understanding precisely how your use of these devices is causing such pain to so many people. Everyone benefits if both sides are armed with a common set of facts and insights. Please get your copy of The Anti-Leafblower Handbook right now, and let's resolve this unnecessary conflict, to everyone's benefit and advantage.

The Handbook also outlines the health effects of leafblower use, which is especially and powerfully relevant to you, since you and/or your employees are breathing in blower exhaust, dust and debris, and hearing blower noise, up-close-and-personal, for hours on end every week. The Handbook will help you understand, acknowledge, and address the reality that leafblower use is just as dangerous, probably more, for you than even those forced to deal with their noise, exhaust, dust, and debris from a more distant vantage point.

For all these powerful reasons, get your copy of The Anti-Leafblower Handbook right away. Delay means loss of income, or health, and loss of health will, itself, eventually lead to loss of income.

Whether you presently realize it or not, all of us, leafblower owner-operators as well as leafblower sufferers, have a common interest in addressing the glaring shortcomings of this device and the way it is presently used.

ban filthy dusty toxic air pollution leaf blower blowers leafblower leafblowers ban

Is it my imagination, or would this gentleman benefit by some vigorous raking and sweeping?


The LEAFBLOWER SURVIVAL GUIDE is conceived, researched, and written by philosopher, journalist, and health educator Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Mr. De Benedetto was also the charter member of the North Jersey chapter of Noise Free America, a national anti-noise organization, where he provided unusual, highly-informed perspective and insight on noise and those who produce it, as well as free counseling and guidance to other victims of noise.

A unique individual and powerful writer, Mr. De Benedetto, indeed, is uniquely suited to write a work such as the LEAFBLOWER SURVIVAL GUIDE because of his long years in the real-world trenches, or better, the gutters, of actual neighborhood noise of many kinds, especially leafblowers. In his case, blowers and similar deafening lawn equipment wielded by a cruel, obtuse, vindictive, and indeed vicious local quasi-criminal maniac, initials M.W., impervious to any notion of decency or civility in use of his devices, that he has often wielded as a weapon against Mr. De Benedetto and his family. For literally years they have been terrorized by this boy, now man, wielding a device with weapon-like attributes yet perfectly legal, with no formal training or licensure required for use.

The malignant behavior of this tin-pot, two-bit BlowerBoy is only possible because of the several neighbors who vacuously enable him by continuing to hire him, in this purportedly "religious" community, whereby one of the supporting cast of quasi-criminals, initials S.B., actually calls himself a "Rabbi," his wife, and the other three enablers who purport to be "Christian." This neighborhood, for the De Benedetto family, is far more akin to a war zone than any kind of decent, normal, and nurturing space, and indeed Mr. De Benedetto states that adoption of a "war-time mentality" is the only way that he now survives here.

The latest attack against Mr. De Benedetto's family was on Friday, December 04, 2020. It lasted for many hours.

Any person with even one functioning brain cell, or heart string, cannot help but be moved--and greatly disturbed--by Mr. De Benedetto's story.

Mr. De Benedetto is also the author of MANDATORY GLOBAL MASKING, a white paper describing the only realistic proposal to end the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, not his first white paper.

Also read Mr. De Benedetto's full bio.


According to the seminal social science of Mr. De Benedetto, the etiology (i.e. cause) of noise is the same as for all phenomenon by which we human beings cause each other pain:  lack of love.

Let's solve this problem, shall we?


This sad, sociopathic man-boy never met a property that he didn't imagine that he owned--and didn't want to trespass on and despoil, in any case.

(NOTE: full names of transgressors to be released upon publication of parent volume, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, which will include these accounts in full detail with further photographic documentation.)

ban filthy dusty toxic air pollution leaf blower blowers leafblower leafblowers ban

This defacing of my family's beautiful new car with damp filthy organic matter from the overhead gutter of my neighbor's garage roof is the latest assault by my friendly neighborhood leafblower-as-weapon psychopath, M.W. and his buddy "A.," working with him that day.

This latter individual is actually the individual who blew the debris all over our car, and even the side of our house.

This despoilage of our car occurred on Saturday, November 14, 2020, about a week before Thanksgiving, in what is now termed, in my work, the NOVEMBER 14 INCIDENT. What a wonderful Thanksgiving present to my family, from these two criminals.

Some might ask:  What kind of imbeciles would rather ruin the car this way, instead of simply ringing your doorbell and politely asking if you'd mind moving the car tempororarily while they worked? You just answered your own question.

ban filthy dusty toxic air pollution leaf blower blowers leafblower leafblowers ban

This is the leafblower maniac M.W. and his evidently clueless helper explicitly trespassing on my family's property on December 29, 2021, yet again, to put away their ladders behind a garage, in yet another incident with this criminal. M.W. could put the equipment away from the other side of the garage to avoid this trespass, but won't, because he has the mind of a criminal or an extreme narcissist:  his actions are dictated by his convenience, alone. He doesn't trouble himself with other considerations, whether the law, or other people's feelings of comfort or safety when he's around.

I've told this loser jackass repeatedly to keep off of my parent's property, even posting a sign--which the Passaic police tell me will help in litigating him for Defiant Trespass--but he just won't take "No" for an answer. So, you see, with this guy I get all the noise and filth of the blower, with an extra helping of criminality, on the side.

The unusual nature of this case is why the principal narrative surrounding this criminal features prominently in Volume #2, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, of my 3-Volume set, THE AGAPE TRILOGY.


Real names withheld until final publication.

The supporting (read:  enabling) cast includes "Rabbi" Barnyard and his wife Avia, the loving, community-oriented life-guide, promoting herself as such via her book and website, described there in glowing terms as an:

"...Innate Health educational consultant and Transformational Seminar Leader. For over a decade, Avia has been teaching and facilitating mental and emotional transformation through workshops, seminars, community events, and private consulting sessions." ... ...trained as a life coach...Her work has inspired hundreds. She has helped transform relationships, families, and communities."

In my experience this woman, continuing to hire BlowerBoy, the socially-retarded man described, above, thus providing him ready and frequent entry to the block and my property, specifically, though I've all but begged her husband to refrain from hiring him, does excel at transformation:  transforming my existing socio-existential pain into even greater pain.

Also included in this cruel cabal is the owner of the garage and property closely contiguous with ours that he continues to hire M.W. to clean, that also provides the social-retard with easy and legitimate access to the block, and immediate, explicit, and easy access to my family's property, where this retarded man can work his magic (read: literally years of multifarious criminal mischief).

Owing almost exclusively to large-scale, continuing illness in my family we have not yet been able to marshall the all-important resources of time and money, to counter the actions of this dastardly and deplorable dynamic duo, and thus our property remains easy pickens' for this quasi-criminal, tin-pot landscaper (read:  BlowerBoy).

Note that both these individuals are Christians, with BlowerBoy's employer constructing one the largest Christmas displays on his property every year in the city. You'd imagine him to possess a large-scale commitment to Christian principles.

My family and I have been victims of M.W.'s torture, in both noise, aggression, violence, and criminal mischief, for years now. When I assert that my knowledge and understanding of noise, the kinds of people who tend to generate it, and how to address both as effectively as possible are all hard-won on the actual sonic battlefield--I mean it.


Contact Vincent Frank De Benedetto using electronic mail at OneHumanFamily @ fastmail.net. In addressing your email, omit each space shown here before and after the "@" sign.

This site, officially and singularly offering The Guide, went live on Saturday, November 14, 2015, and was resurrected and went live again on December 06, 2020, as, believe it or not--the problem still exists.

Noise Consultant Available

Writer, Researcher, Consultant, & Strategist

If you've tried to resolve your leafblower or other noise problem on your own, you may have already learned that:

  1. The offending noise-makers are often arrogant, hostile, and uncooperative, sometimes worse.

  2. Local law enforcement often cannot or will not provide effective assistance, or sometimes any assistance, at all. They often don't take noise offenses seriously, or do not have the required equipment to assess noise and issue a summons.

  3. In the United States, as a culture and society we do not take noise issues seriously, at all. In fact, at the governmental level they aren't even on the radar. Even though such problems are among the worst offenders in terms of the generation of misery for human beings. For example, now, as of August 2015 with the first waves of political activity occurring in preparation for the Presidential election in 2016, how many of the fifteen or so Republican candidates or three or so Democratic contenders have you ever seen, heard, or read mentioning noise as an issue? Whether in stump or other speeches, town hall meetings, white or position papers, media interviews, web content, or anywhere else? Speaking for myself--zero.

Help is still available, however. I am philosopher, journalist, health educator, and noise consultant Vincent F. De Benedetto, available for consultation on your particular leafblower or other noise issue. What are my credentials? Hard experience, for one. I have extensive personal experience with noise and vibration issues of all kinds, including and especially leafblowers. I've had years of multiple noise issues with multiple neighbors, some of whom have been cooperative and friendly while others have been arrogant, hostile, vindictive, malicious, and/or uncooperative. Noise issues that I've had to contend with over the last fifteen years include:

Basketball, sometimes including up to 15 players using multiple balls (problem eventually resolved; these neighbors are wonderful); commercial-grade leafblowers; commercial-grade lawnmowers; hyper-loud and intolerable barking dog; a 5-month long major 5-part exterior renovation project right next door by a neighbor just feet away; lawn-mowing using a loud gas-powered mower at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings when my 84-year old mother, and I, are sleeping; early-morning horn-blowing by multiple neighbors; construction noise including jackhammering and early-morning sidewalk demolition involving tossing large chunks of concrete into an empty, bare-metal dumpster which, from inside a home, sounds something like an aerial bombing attack; an early-morning Sears carpet cleaning using a truck-mounted cleaning machine that was, literally and inexplicably, among the top one or two loudest and most obnoxious sounds I have ever heard; an official city-sponsored "Summer concert" in a nearby park that was so loud and bassy that the musical equipment might as well have been set up in my own backyard, and a large variety of other miscellaneous noise.

(This very morning that I'm revising this section of this website, Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 6:00 am exactly, a car outside firmly sounded their horn twice, then several minutes later repeated the performance about three of four more times. Yes, I wrote 6:00 am. The driver, and family they were beeping for, were both obviously too stupid to realize that you don't blow a horn at 6:00 when people are obviously sleeping; and the driver was obviously too stupid, and lazy, to get off of their *ss and simply ring the doorbell when the individual they sought did not emerge from the house upon the sounding of the first two horn-beeps.)

I'm not kidding about any of this; it's all accurate--unfortunately. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be me in this neighborhood. I, myself, still suffer multiple noise problems, as they are often difficult to resolve even for experienced and knowledgeable persons. The noise is largely mitigated, however, because of my skilled and knowledgeable intervention with my neighbors; the same kind of effective intervention that I will teach you and provide you as your noise consultant. Besides my hard-earned-and-learned experience with concrete noise issues right in my neighborhood, block, and indeed right next door to my house, I'm an effective Noise Consultant because I'm smart, articulate, a good writer, well-read, and as an adherent of the love ethic or "brotherly love," I am also extremely willing and oriented to help persons suffering noise (or other) problems. And as described, I have extensive and extremely unpleasant personal experience with noise issues of all kinds, including and especially leafblowers.

Without question, then, in terms of redressing a noise issue, I am uniquely qualified to assist.

(By the way, for my part in my neighborhood, ever the excellent neighbor, I use an almost-silent push-reel lawn mower on our lawn, and, though a serious aspiring professional musician with a professional-grade electric guitar and amplifier in my home studio, my neighbors literally never hear a note.)

Accordingly, then, if you are a member, charter or otherwise, of a local anti-leafblower organization and/or website anywhere in the nation or indeed around the world, or alternatively, simply someone tortured by noise, leafblower or otherwise, I am available as a resource for guidance and strategy.

Cost & Benefits

I request a donation of $49 for all consultations (low income discussed, below). Please make your donation before contacting me. For your donation I will consult with you by email and/or telephone, your choice, until you feel that you have a handle on your problem, for up to 6-months, and, upon receipt of your donation I will also immediately send you my unique and life-saving eBook, The Anti-Leafblower Handbook, the Leafblower Survival Guide.

Or you can simply purchase The Anti-Leafblower Handbook, itself, for $19.95. It's thirty steps do not comprise abstract, pie-in-the-sky suggestions, but hard-earned and learned, practical, concrete steps based on literally years of noise conflict with multiple neighbors, on multiple noise issues. Trust me, in my neighborhood you wouldn't want to be me.

Additionally, if you send me your web link, in appreciation for your donation I'll publish and promote it here, along with--if you wish--your name.

Noise problems can destroy your life. Please let me help you solve yours right now--don't suffer one more minute.

If you seek my assistance and are very low-income and genuinely cannot afford to donate even a small amount such as $10, I will still assist you. Please contact me and state that you cannot afford to donate. However, I think that most people, if they are honest with themselves, will acknowledge that they can probably afford to donate, even if only a small amount.

For those assisting me (and yourselves, through my work)...Thank you!

anti leafblower leafblowers leaf blower blowers book booklet guide manual steps suggestion suggestions

The Anti-Leafblower Handbook. Your road to sanity. Just $19.95 using the PayPal button, below.

~ Understand, Cope, Eliminate ~