I will begin discussion of a nationwide leafblower ban in a moment. But first, please consider:

If these horrific death devices are as catastrophic for you as they are for me, please prepare yourself RIGHT NOW by securing your copy of my unique and life-saving guide THE ANTI-LEAFBLOWER HANDBOOK, shown just below, and at page bottom with Donate button. It's just $21.95--which I assure you will be among the best money you've ever spent. THIS DIGITAL GUIDE INCLUDES FOUR STEPS THAT YOU CAN, AND SHOULD TAKE RIGHT AWAY, TO INITIATE IMMEDIATE RELIEF FROM YOUR LEAFBLOWER PROBLEM. I will email you the Handbook immediately upon payment. The landscaping companies are oiling and gassing up their leafblowers right now, as well as purchasing large inventories of brand new machines, in preparation for the Fall and Winter seasons. In other words, they are preparing their attack.

Are you preparing any sort of realistic defense?

Your answer to this question will determine your level of explicit pain over the next five or so months, considering that these Devices of Death (D.O.D.) are now often used to clear snow throughout the Winter, as well as leaves and yard debris during the Fall. There's just no end to their Reign of Terror (R.O.T.); in fact, their makers and users continue to find new reasons for their employ. My local lawnmower man uses his blower during the Spring and Summer, as well.

Come to think of it, at this precise moment, 5:39 pm, Sunday, September 06, 2015, I've realized that the leafblower has become a year-round device.

anti leafblower leafblowers leaf blower blowers book booklet guide manual steps suggestion suggestions

The Anti-Leafblower Handbook. Your road to sanity. Just $21.95 using the PayPal button at page bottom.
Upon purchase you will actually receive the 2nd edition, which contains 35 suggestions and steps, not 30.


The site at which you now reside, Nationwide Leafblower Ban, is one of a family of anti-leafblower sites that I've created and placed live on the Internet:








My sixth site, above, Keys to Good Health, presents a strong body of health material, much of which is relevant to understanding the health and environmental effects of the use of leafblowers and similar machines. My seventh site, One Human Family, remains ultimately my most important site in all these, and indeed every human regard, since, as I'll discuss below, the causes of the exaggerated, inappropriate, and injurious use of the dreaded leafblower are twofold: profit and ego, and this last site presents a well-conceived plan to shift humanity away from this obsolete paradigm. Such a shift would permanently solve our leafblower problem--and just about every other human problem.

You came here for support and assistance with a leafblower or other noise problem, and you will certainly receive it. Yet in coming here, this website, at this point in time, authored by this particular person, you unwittingly stumbled upon a message of far greater importance--in fact what is among the one or two most important messages the world can ever know: your pain at the noise and airborne dust and toxins of leafblowers is but one form of pain among the many that we humans presently suffer--and believe it or not, such suffering can come to an almost complete Halt if we would only re-organize our world and ourselves on the basis of what we really are: One Human Family.

Back, for now, to our topic, however: I built these, and indeed all my sites, in hand-coded HTML, and researched and wrote all or almost all content. The site at which you now reside, Nationwide Leafblower Ban, presents a discussion and exploration of, and advocacy for, a nationwide U.S. ban on leafblower use. Here, I present my novel, powerful, and plausible 3-part legal offense against leafblower use, the De Benedetto Plan against Leafblowers (D-PAL or DPAL). This site also advocates creation of an online petition to effect a nationwide U.S. ban on these insidious devices. This device is continually used in our neighborhood and I and my family are tortured by it, and have been for years.

Most people probably know what a leafblower is, but if you don't, or aren't sure, or simply want to learn more about this insidious and pernicious device before proceeding through this site, please visit Leafblowers 101 for a detailed introduction to these harmful and unnecessary devices. As you will read, or may already know, the leafblower is so offensive and unacceptable in so many ways, that we've simply got to ban it. These atrocious devices are unnecessary, and they've got to go.

How Badly do You Want Your Peace & Quiet Back

As everyone else in capitalist America, I must earn a living, which is usually done by selling something:  a product or service for those in business; our labor-power for the rest of us. Your financial donations permit me further work on this, and my four other anti-leafblower sites.

The potentially very good news is, were a small but critical mass of donors, say four, to begin making regular monthly donations of, say, $25 each, for a total of $100 monthly, this would provide me a (tiny) stipend of $25 per week, for which I could be persuaded to perform my anti-leafblower activism as my (very poorly paid) "job." I could and would then begin to address the two key areas, presently unaddressed even by me for reasons of time and money, that are required if we are to actually have a prayer of ridding the world of leafblowers:  legal work to effect a nationwide ban or its rough equivalent, and petition work to begin to galvanize, record, and publicly declare in organized fashion our resolve and outrage at the scourge of leafblowers.

Regarding the elderly, by the way, are your parents being force-fed the same filth and noise from blowers that you are? This is not good, as research indicates that thousands of elderly die prematurely each year from inhalation of airborne particulate matter. To wit, the American Lung Association states in its 2014 State of the Air report:

“Short-term exposure to particle pollution can kill. Particle pollution does not just make people die a few days earlier than they might otherwise — these are deaths that would not have occurred if the air were cleaner.”

How badly do you want your peace and quiet back? Your health back? Your very sanity back? Provide me the tools to do the work...and I'll do the work. I'm the person to do it--who else on the 'Net has five anti-leafblower sites, each addressing a different dimension of the problem?

There is No "They"

You must understand that the reason such a project is of vital importance is because in asking questions like "Why don't they get rid of leafblowers," there is no "they." Meaning, there is no single all-powerful person or group fighting on our behalf to eliminate or severely restrict these devices. There are tiny pockets of resistance here or there that result, in some cases, in limited and partial bans, very occasionally total bans, in this or that city or town across the country. But as of September 2016 there is still no single, powerful, concerted effort to completely wipe out this problem, or even deal it a serious blow. I am willing to undertake the project if I have your assistance, which mostly refers to financial assistance; I'll contribute the rest of the money needed, and all the time realistically required. Barring this, however...good luck. Better put on your gas mask, and, learn to love the sound of leafblowers.

So, help me to help us all...or simply sit back and passively wait for the next round of leafblower devastation around and through your home, your brain, and your body. Your choice. It is well documented by scientists such as premier stress researcher Robert Sapolsky that stress literally kills, and I have found few stressors as potent and explicitly horrific as the din of leafblowers. But as dedicated as I am, I can't do it alone. You know this. Our choice comes down, quite literally, to:  work together, or die. Whether the death is 1.) slow and chronic day-by-day and hour-by-hour resulting in actual death or simply serious debilitation, 2.) actual death that is fast and immediate by stress-induced stroke or cardiac arrest, or 3.) some sequential combination of the previous two.


Were the leafblower problem not so severe and significant, a ban might be less necessary. At present, however, the problem is severe in manifold ways.

Given the degree of injury of these devices, especially against the backdrop of their ubiquity, the reluctant conclusion is that a ban is appropriate and absolutely necessary. Please involve yourself, even if just to sign the online petition.

In fact, over 400 cities, towns, and municipalities nationwide have already restricted the use of leafblowers, or banned them, outright. Now it's time to consolidate and maximize those gains. Please note, however, that no one has yet created such a nationwide petition. When they/you do, please apprise me and I will include its link at each of my anti-leafblower websites.


  1. Stop...using a leafblower, yourself. One brief use and some neighbors will decry you as a hypocrite.

  2. Study...everything you can about this issue.

  3. online petition.

  4. Sign...the online petition, once created.

  5. neighbors, your larger town and community, your local city council, and the media. Work with others to create a presentation to your city council to get them banned, or severely restricted using the BFZ and MMU protocols.


  1. Assemble all major anti-noise organizations in America into one unified, more-powerful organizational entity, to prevent competition, more effectively and efficiently utilize resources, and provide focus to anti-noise activists, movement participants, and the media.

  2. Recruit legal firepower. Attorneys and other legal professionals are needed to formulate, prepare, present, and argue litigation. If you're a lawyer with any sympathy for this cause, whatsoever, we need you.

  3. Brainstorm and think creatively to conceive and consider any and every possible argument to ban dustblowers. See Grounds for Litigation, below.

  4. Begin media and citizen campaign.

  5. Coordinate with national groups with overlapping interests (such as Occupy Wall Street?).

  6. Coordinate with international organizations.


The De Benedetto Plan against Leafblowers (D-PAL, DEPAL, or DPAL)

There are at least three areas that constitute potential grounds for litigation against leafblowers. However, I removed this detailed and substantive section of this website on August 01, 2015 for strategic reasons. I will make DPAL available to attorneys and other relevant and trusted parties as necessary and requested.


Were we to see nationwide legislative adoption of my Blower-Free-Zone (BFZ) idea and plan (pending), AND strict homeowner and landscaper compliance with, and law enforcement of, my Minimal Mixed-Use Protocol (MMUP or M-MUP), (also pending), a complete and outright ban might be less necessary. However, I don't consider such a course realistic. Blower advocates from industry and elsewhere: prove me wrong.


In strictly and tirelessly following a properly-conceived plan to address the leafblower problem, what can we expect? Will we completely eliminate or at least fully reign in these horrific devices, such that those wishing to be free of them, will be?

No, I'm afraid not. This is because, as in all spheres of life, things happen for a reason. Events and phenomena have root causes. Regarding injurious devices such as leafblowers, until the root causes of their use are addressed, the use and possible increase in use of noisy machinery, of all kinds, will likely continue. The root causes of such use as pertains to lawn care devices like leafblowers are these:

  • Profit. The industries that collectively design, manufacture, provide parts for, and sell these and similar machines do so for the same reason that all industries exist and attempt to preserve themselves: to earn profit for their owners. These industries are not going to abandon billions of dollars in sales and hundreds of millions of dollars in profit just because you don't like the effects of their products. This is simply not the kind of world that we presently live in.

  • If you'd care to live in, and help create for your children to live in, such a world, then join me in my attempt to build it.

  • Ego. The fact that companies continue to promote these devices unabated, and landscapers continue to use them, even though in many cases the discomfort and indeed pain of exposure to them is fully known, represents not just the continuing quest for profit, but also the negative side of ego, its pathological expression: the notion that someone else's interests are more important than yours. In this case, it's the notion that the need and/or desire for profit (for persons who are corporate owners) or simply money (for persons who are not) is more important than your health and indeed sanity. If this does not represent ego, I don't know what does.

Does this mean that we should abandon the fight against the use and spread of leafblowers? Of course not--we must fight injustice everywhere we find it. But we must conduct the fight with our eyes open. Every factor must be ruthlessly found and considered, even at the expense of our own cherished paradigms, personal belief systems, or comfort zones.



This Internet resource, NATIONWIDE LEAFBLOWER BAN, is a project of philosopher, journalist, and health educator Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Mr. De Benedetto is also the charter member of the North Jersey chapter of Noise Free America, and its National Leafblower Expert.

Contact him via email at OneHumanFamily @ In addressing your email, omit each space shown here before and after the "@" sign.


All original, non-quoted material penned here at NATIONWIDE LEAFBLOWER BAN, the Internet health resource at which you presently reside, is strictly copyrighted.

Material may be excerpted A.) without modification, and B.) provided full attribution is provided, including this website address.


If you've tried to resolve your leafblower or other noise problem on your own, you may have already learned that:

  1. The offending noise-makers are often arrogant, hostile, and uncooperative, sometimes worse.

  2. Local law enforcement often cannot or will not provide effective assistance, or sometimes any assistance, at all. They often don't take noise offenses seriously, or do not have the required equipment to assess noise and issue a summons.

  3. In the United States, as a culture and society we do not take noise issues seriously, at all. In fact, at the governmental level they aren't even on the radar. Even though such problems are among the worst offenders in terms of the generation of misery for human beings. For example, now, as of August 2015 with the first waves of political activity occurring in preparation for the Presidential election in 2016, how many of the fifteen or so Republican candidates or three or so Democratic contenders have you ever seen, heard, or read mentioning noise as an issue? Whether in stump or other speeches, town hall meetings, white or position papers, media interviews, web content, or anywhere else? Speaking for myself--zero.

Help is still available, however. I am philosopher, journalist, and health educator Vincent Frank De Benedetto. What are my credentials? Hard experience, for one. I have extensive personal experience with noise and vibration issues of all kinds, including and especially leafblowers. I've had years of multiple noise issues with multiple neighbors, some of whom have been cooperative and friendly while others have been arrogant, hostile, vindictive, malicious, and/or uncooperative. Noise issues that I've had to contend with over the last fifteen years include:

Basketball, sometimes including up to 15 players using multiple balls (problem eventually resolved; these neighbors are wonderful); commercial-grade leafblowers; commercial-grade lawnmowers; hyper-loud and intolerable barking dog; a 5-month long major 5-part exterior renovation project right next door by a neighbor just feet away; lawn-mowing using a loud gas-powered mower at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings when my 84-year old mother, and I, are sleeping; early-morning horn-blowing by multiple neighbors; construction noise including jackhammering and early-morning sidewalk demolition involving tossing large chunks of concrete into an empty, bare-metal dumpster which, from inside a home, sounds something like an aerial bombing attack; an early-morning Sears carpet cleaning using a truck-mounted cleaning machine that was, literally and inexplicably, among the top one or two loudest and most obnoxious sounds I have ever heard; an official city-sponsored "Summer concert" in a nearby park that was so loud and bassy that the musical equipment might as well have been set up in my own backyard, and a large variety of other miscellaneous noise.

(This very morning that I'm revising this section of this website, Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 6:00 am exactly, a car outside firmly sounded their horn twice, then several minutes later repeated the performance about three of four more times. Yes, I wrote 6:00 am. The driver, and family they were beeping for, were both obviously too stupid to realize that you don't blow a horn at 6:00 when people are obviously sleeping; and the driver was obviously too stupid, and lazy, to get off of their *ss and simply ring the doorbell when the individual they sought did not emerge from the house upon the sounding of the first two horn-beeps.)

I'm not kidding about any of this; it's all accurate--unfortunately. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be me in this neighborhood. I, myself, still suffer multiple noise problems, as they are often difficult to resolve even for experienced and knowledgeable persons. The noise is largely mitigated, however, because of my skilled and knowledgeable intervention with my neighbors; the same kind of effective intervention that I will teach you and provide you through my ANTI-LEAFBLOWER HANDBOOK. Besides my hard-earned-and-learned experience with concrete noise issues right in my neighborhood, block, and indeed right next door to my house, I'm an effective Noise Consultant because I'm smart, articulate, a good writer, well-read, and as an adherent of the love ethic or "brotherly love," I am also extremely willing and oriented to help persons suffering noise (or other) problems. And as described, I have extensive and extremely unpleasant personal experience with noise issues of all kinds, including and especially leafblowers.

Without question, then, in terms of redressing a noise issue, I am uniquely qualified to assist.

(By the way, for my part in my neighborhood, ever the excellent neighbor, I use an almost-silent push-reel lawn mower on our lawn, and, though a serious aspiring professional musician with a professional-grade electric guitar and amplifier in my home studio, my neighbors literally never hear a note.)

Accordingly, then, if you are a member, charter or otherwise, of a local anti-leafblower organization and/or website anywhere in the nation or indeed around the world, or alternatively, simply someone tortured by noise, leafblower or otherwise, THE ANTI-LEAFBLOWER HANDBOOK is available as a resource for guidance and strategy.

Please Donate, Regardless

If you elect not to purchase The Anti-Leafblower Handbook, I still request a donation (suggested minimum amount, $10) for your use of this website and its content. This is not a free site. I have used my time, money, and energy, to create my family of FOUR anti-leafblower sites including this one, and I now do the same to maintain and update them. If you have read, even skimmed, this site, please make a donation in exchange for the ideas, suggestions, facts, approach to solving leafblower problems, or even the encouragement you may be feeling upon arriving here and reading my content. Nothing is free in life; you must earn a living, and so must I. When you receive something, it is highly likely that someone, somewhere, paid for it in time, money, and/or energy. I paid for this website, in time, money, energy, and diversion of same from critical family matters including and especially a very ill parent for whom I was providing long-term care. In other words, I paid for this website in blood.

(Is this a hyperbolic word choice? Offhand I'd say "No." It would make for an interesting discussion.)

Many people are unacquainted with what goes into the existence of a website like this. All they know is, they perform an Internet search using Google or another search engine and up pops links for many websites, some of them better than others, but all free for the taking. These websites aren't created out of thin air, however; human beings create them, often using their own time and money to do it. Here is a brief idea of what goes into the creation and continuation of websites like mine:

  1. Time spent online researching the material. This includes finding, visiting, and reading through web sites. For sites like mine that greatly concern themselves with accuracy and completeness, this usually amounts ultimately to hundreds and hundreds of hours.

  2. Time spent offline researching the material. This can include reading books and other print publications of various kinds, listening to radio interviews, and conducting telephone calls intended to gather or clarify information. Again, for sites like mine that greatly concern themselves with accuracy and completeness, this can easily amount to many, many hours of time, as well as money spent.

  3. Time spent thinking about the material gathered: what is important and how it should be presented.

  4. Time spent building the infrastructure of the site: coding the pages, and then uploading them. Learning new web design skills, and locating and learning new software tools as necessary. Time spent ensuring that each page uploaded arrived successfully and displays properly onscreen. Time intermittently spent testing navigation and indeed all aspects of the site.

  5. Money spent, a regular monthly fee, to pay for the web host for the site. The host provides the computer server where the pages that comprise the site reside, so your computer can then retrieve them for display on your screen.

  6. Money spent, another monthly fee, to pay for the internet service provider used to upload the files to that server.

  7. Etc.

And opportunity cost is such that all the time (and money) spent on the above is time and money that cannot be spent on family, bills, recreational activities, medical care, and simply everything else that modern life requires of each of us.

So please: click the PayPal button, below, and give as much as you comfortably can. And please do it right now while you're reading and thinking about it. Suggested minimum donation is $10, although for $21.95 you will receive "THE ANTI-LEAFBLOWER HANDBOOK," shown below.

If the PayPal button does not appear, kindly refresh your page.

For those assisting me (and yourselves, through my work)...Thank you!

anti leafblower leafblowers leaf blower blowers book booklet guide manual steps suggestion suggestions

The Anti-Leafblower Handbook. Your road to sanity. Just $21.95 using the PayPal button at page bottom.
Upon purchase you will actually receive the 2nd edition, which contains 35 suggestions and steps, not 30.